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We are a hospitality recruitment agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We support talented chefs, both newly graduated and experienced, in finding their perfect job match to help progress their careers and achieve their goals.

Our aim is to boost the hospitality industry through helping restaurants, hotels, and canteens in Denmark find qualified employees, as and when they need in a timely and efficient manner.

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We are your opportunity to find your next job.

Simplified job search

We aim to make it easier and faster for you to find the perfect job.

Unlimited job opportunities

We connect you with the best job opportunities suitable for your skills and career goals.


We aim to simplify hiring processes and connect talent with unique opportunities.


We aim to provide you with trustworthy and unbiased career guidance.

job seekers

Find your dream job

Save time scrolling restaurant jobs on the internet and let us find you the best opportunity to match your profile.

Get in touch with us and we will help find a suitable job by understanding what you want out of your next employment. We will help you navigate this journey every step of the way, ensuring that you get the best possible working conditions in your next role.


We're here to help you hire

Looking to staff up or need new insights?


We will help simplify your hiring processes and find your next team member as your new full-time employee(s).

Vacancy staff (Vikar)

We will efficiently fill your vacancy staff needs with highly qualified and reliable candidates.

Freelance chef consultancy

We can provide expert freelance chef consultancy, connecting you with top culinary professionals to elevate your restaurant.


Hospitunity are partners with The O-Choice (TOC). TOC is a cooperation between various businesses in the hospitality sector that aims to help your business make a profit.


Find your talent

In these trying times, four out of ten restaurants are finding it very difficult to find and retain the best talent.

Our service will source, screen, and secure you the ideal candidate for your open position(s), saving you time and adding value to your business.

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