About Hospitunity

We are a hospitality recruitment agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hospitunity is here both for you who are looking for new career opportunities within the restaurant industry, and for companies that need qualified employees or professional consulting advice. 

Our Vision and Mission

We support talented chefs, both newly graduated and experienced, in finding their perfect job match to help progress their careers and achieve their goals.

Our aim is to boost the hospitality industry through helping restaurants, hotels, and canteens in Denmark find qualified employees, as and when they need in a timely and efficient manner.

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The principles we live by

Be truthful and treat everyone fairly

Keep learning and improving.

Make friends and long-lasting connections

Be fast and ready to help.

Keep information safe.

Be kind to everyone, no matter who they are.

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Our success stories

See who we've helped in the industry by watching these stories below.

A passionate team


Lars Peter Birk-Sørensen

Having worked for over 10 years as a chef in the hospitality industry in Denmark and Australia, I decided to set up Hospitunity in 2022, recognising the need and importance of retaining good chefs in the industry, particularly after the pandemic. My aim is to steer the industry towards more sustainable working practices and promote fair working conditions for employees, as I believe a happy workforce is the foundation to ensuring a well-functioning hospitality sector.

Recruitment process manager

Andrea Breschi

My journey across Europe has given me the chance to explore diverse hospitality experiences and cultures. Each adventure has been educational and sharpened my skills in front-of-house operations and team dynamics. Here at Hospitunity, my mission is more than just matching people with jobs. I’m all about finding the perfect fit between talented front-of-house professionals and companies fitting their needs of growth and ambition. Every match I make is a story of purpose and potential.


Vanessa Latefa Calunod Pampilo

I love everything about marketing and web development, from graphic design to social media trends. This passion drives me to keep our platform ahead of industry trends and meet our users’ needs. At Hospitunity, we’re committed to making job searches efficient and successful. I look forward to collaborating with top culinary establishments and discovering unique, exclusive job opportunities and help the businesses welcome a new hire of their dream team. 

People & Culture


Ivy has been with Hospitunity since the beginning and is always there to make you smile and happy to meet you. She brings bounds of energy into the office and is there to lend a helping paw wherever and whenever needed, ensuring that our own employees feel they are in a well-balanced, enjoyable, and safe working environment.

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